Thursday, September 03, 2015

It Ain't Just Kentucky, Folks

We'll assume you know a bit about the Kentucky Kerfuffle.  And we'll assume you know that the "rule of law" has been denigrated, obrogated, and/or generally smashed to death by black-robed sociopaths at the local, State, and Federal levels.

There's a consequence to that.

...there is no recourse of the people to protect against the insidious political whims of unelected judges at any given moment. It’s one thing for elected politicians to behave badly.  They can always be defeated in an election.  But to have this power vested in the hands of judges is unsustainable.  Sure, the Constitution has flaws, as only a document from God can be perfect.  But there is a process for changing that.  To replace the Constitution with the unwritten subjective social justice values of a legal profession – without a formal amendment process – is lunacy and leads to indefinite and unaccountable oligarchy. ...

Oligarchy, eh?

Well, yes.  There are a couple of ways to overcome said oligarchy.  The most pleasant of them is to do what Andy Jackson did:  issue a statement that 'so the judges have ruled, now let them enforce it...'

The other way is very much less pleasant.  In its mildest form, it is called "civil disobedience" which happens to be exactly what the Kentucky clerk is doing.  It's the route chosen by MLK and Gandhi.  And it works.

But remember that the American Revolution was also "civil disobedience," taken to its logical extreme.

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