Sunday, September 06, 2015

Reno Gets it; Dreher Doesn't

Two essays on Kim Davis.

Dreher, ironically posting at "The American Conservative" wants the easy solution: Davis' resignation. Recall that Dreher has semi-demi advocated withdrawing from American society and setting up monestary-esque fiefs. 

Dreher claims "Prudence" as his protector, but perhaps he's part of the camp which Reno (at First Things) describes thus:

...her refusal poses a symbolic threat to “marriage equality” and its claim to realize the high ideals of justice. One word of dissent, one act of conscience, disturbs the serene confidence of progressives that they have a monopoly on all that is right and good....

Dreher long ago accepted the jimmied "polls" which purport that 'teh yout's' accept this state of affairs. 

Wait until 'teh yout's' have children, say I.

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