Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Yeah, It's the Crossroads Time

Two not-so-disparate issues have arisen in the last 90 days:  the Planned Chop-Shop parts business and the Kim Davis matter.  They are the headline issues, but they join other matters in what will be a make-or-break year for the (R) Party and many of its candidates, congressmen, and senators.

It's entirely possible that the (R) Party--along with those candidates and already-elected representatives--will fail. 

Let's understand this first:  legalized abortion and homosex 'marriage' are clearly, unequivocally, straight-up  violations of the laws of nature and nature's God.  That phrasing comes from the Declaration--on which foundation stands the Constitution.  The parabolic acceleration of resistance to the transvaluation of all values put in place by the Supreme Court and its subsidiaries is a shock to the (R) machine.  There are other issues, such as the de-coupling of the National Interest from immigration, economic, environmental, and foreign-policy decisions (all perceived as Ruling Class/Crony Capitalist usurpations or wet, sloppy, kisses)--but none of those have had the impact of the Planned Butcherhood videos and the jailing of Kim Davis.

The dead babies and Kim Davis have literally given faces to the revolt against the bargains that the Republicans have made with the devil over the last 50 years, and the majority of the population will not stand for this crap any more.  Ask Eric Cantor, who was toppled before Obergefell or the videos. 

The "law-of-the-land" parrots and ventriloquist-dummies would like us to forget Abe Lincoln and Andy Jackson, but we haven't.  The "blob of tissue" witches and warlocks would like us to forget the Holocaust, but we will not.  The war-mongers would like us to forget the advice of George Washington, but that's not going to happen.

So.  Will some (R) lead?  Cruz is a distinct possibility.  The Donald, whose warts are only a tiny bit smaller than his ego, is a possibility.  As to the rest? 

We'll see, soon, eh?


Saint Revolution said...

Gee, Benedict XVI out, first papal resignation in ~600 years, and this liberal fraud-puppet one world order Francis plant is in:
Pope Francis Joins Obama In Perpetrating The Greatest Fraud Of All Time, WorldWide.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is for abortion on demand.. Pause...... let that sink in....
and he says it is a states rights issue.

In his own words:

Hat trick to Live Action.