Wednesday, September 23, 2015

If History Counts, Things Are Bad

Interesting notes on history here.

" civilization has ever survived the glorification of homosexuality.

"I am not speaking of the practice of homosexuality. I am speaking of the glorification of homosexuality. For various ancient peoples, homosexuality was a sacred act. The word used in Leviticus to condemn this glorification of homosexuality clothed with a sacred character in the temples and pagan rites was “abominable”.

"The only two civilizations which have resisted homosexuality for thousands of years are the same that have opposed homosexuality: the Jews and Christians. Where are today’s Assyrians? Where are today’s Babylonians? And yet the Jews were merely a tribe, a “nobody” in comparison to the other political-religious societies. But the laws concerning sexual acts as we find within the book of Leviticus became the highest form of civilization [Christianity]....

To "Assyrians and Babylonians" we could add Greeks and Romans, of course.


One more wonderful little item:

"...Tacitus said: “Corruptissima re publica, plurimae leges.” When the State is corrupt, the laws are multiplied...."

Not that far from Chesterton's saying to the effect that when the Big Laws are broken, all you have is the Little Laws.

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