Monday, September 14, 2015

Permitting: Why Roads Cost Too Much

Interesting item here.

Delays caused by securing approval for infrastructure projects cost the U.S. more than twice what it would cost to fix the infrastructure itself, according to a new report released by Common Good, a nonpartisan government-reform coalition.

The group said that those approvals can take a decade or longer to get and even a six-year delay in starting construction on public projects costs over $3.7 trillion-- or more than double the $1.7 trillion needed through the end of this decade to modernize the country’s overall infrastructure....

Locals, States, DNRs, EPA, Corps of Engineers, .....quite a list, before you get to bidding (and the wars over that) and actually constructing the damn road.

And let's not forget the lawsuits from aggrieved NIMBY prop-owners.

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