Wednesday, September 09, 2015

That High-Pitched Whine Is Rod Dreher

Dreher's becoming worse than the neighbor's un-muffled leaf-blower.

TWO essays today, one condemning Huckabee for introducing Kim Davis, the other condemning Cruz for posing with her for a picture.

This from a guy who has come close to advocating running away and hiding in some sort of monastic community in the woods someplace.

Dreher is concerned with "optics" and 'losing the middle-class suburban votes.'  Yah, well, Rod, some of us are worried about losing the entire country--or at least the 1st, 9th, and 10th Amendments plus the Declaration.

Take a chill-pill, Rod, and go back to your "Benedict Option" hole.  Others, obviously, will have to carry on the fight for you.  Meantime, please shut up.

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Keith said...

You sound shocked, but Rod Dreher's Benedict Option book marketing project is and always has been in direct competition with religious liberty.

The more religious liberty and hope of religious liberty one has, the less need one has for the alternative "option" to tiptoe quietly like a mouse among the feet of liberal, big government elephants or to hide out somewhere far removed.

Conversely, the more despairing and hopeless you can be made to feel, the more likely you are to seek out a book like Dreher wants to get a contract to write to provide you with a different, compliant plan of action.

TL;DR - if you're a resistor like Kim Davis, you're an obstacle standing between Rod Dreher and his book deal. Consequently, you must be targeted and taken down if at all possible.