Friday, September 11, 2015

Walker: A Programmed Robot?

One begins to wonder if Scott Walker can think on his feet, or if he has to be fed a set of punchcards before he has a position.

When the question of Syrian 'refugees' came up, Walker demurred with some flapjaw about "hypotheticals."  Well, Scott, that wasn't a "hypothetical" question--Obozo has ordered US agencies to take about 10K of them.

So the next time he was asked, he proclaimed that he would not take any.


Walker also went "programmed-speak" at Eureka College with a promise to cut off the money-stream for Federal unions. 

Wow.  On a list of 10 really important current national issues, Federal union dues are about 29th, Scott. 

This follows his "law of the land" shuffle over Obergefell.  Walker is a member of the Party of Lincoln, who famously told SCOTUS to shove Dred Scott where the sun never shines.  Laws of nature, and all that, Scott.  And speaking of "laws of nature", he's evading direct comment on the baby-parts-for-cash-and-"research" matter pending in the Legislature.  Is he waiting for programming from WMC?

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