Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Obozo a Muslim? Nope. It's Worse.

An incomplete reminder from Moonbattery:

...Despite the obsequious affection of our liberal rulers for Islam, it is a thought crime to point out that Obama is more likely to be Muslim than Christian. In a sense we can never know for sure, but we don’t need to know. What we should be asking is, does he act like a Muslim, or does he act like a Christian?

From the very beginning Obama has extolled Islam and assisted its most radical proponents in the Middle East, often at the expense of valuable allies. In contrast, he has repeatedly denounced Christianity, attacked it through ObamaCare, and gaudily celebrated the Supreme Court’s obscene homosexual “marriage” decree, which effectively criminalizes Christianity, by immediately lighting up the White House in the rainbow colors representing sexual deviancy....

But that doesn't necessarily make Obozo a mohammedan.

In all the cases mentioned--and in several other ones--Obozo is acting against Right Order.  He does not support "muslims;" he supports radical killers who happen to be muslim.  (See Egypt and Syria.)  He supports radical killers here, too:  see Planned Butcherhood.   And of course, "queer marriage"--and other, less-egregious attacks on the family and Christianity in America--are part of the pattern.

He is, in the final analysis, an agent of Satan, the First Rebel against Right Order.

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James Pawlak said...

He worships ONLY himself.