Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hmmm. Cruz Sidelined at "Debate"

Not hard to figure this out.  Somehow or other, Ted Cruz was sorta-kinda left out of most of the "debate," which tells you that somebody out there doesn't want a Constitutional conservative to be too visible.

Apparently, however, he did get to comment on SCOTUS.

...The one time he was given a truly substantive and interesting question he came up with perhaps the most meaningful answer of the debate; namely, on the question of John Roberts as the Supreme Court Chief Justice appointed by George W. Bush. This occasioned a back-and-forth with Jeb! Bush, who attempted to chide Cruz for now being critical of Roberts but was steamrolled by a brilliant answer. Cruz noted that conservatives keep voting for Republicans and never seem to be satisfied with the results, largely because Republican presidents (all recently named Bush) take the easy way out rather than to do the hard things....

But let's not have too much of that kinda stuff.  Might actually prove Cruz's point--and for that matter, might actually get him nominated.

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