Friday, September 18, 2015

Oh, Really, Byron York?

York has a few words to say about the Kim Davis/Mike Huckabee event.

But first, an orientation to Mr. York's social milieu.  He writes (following Davis' release from prison):

...The next day, in conversation at a Washington social event, one conservative writer called Davis “the Honey Boo Boo of religious freedom.”...

So.  In DC, at a 'social event' at which York was present, a "conservative writer" just pissed all over Ms. Davis.

Now we move to York's Statement on SCOTUS rulings.

...Most Republicans, while they believe there should be a religious freedom accommodation for people like Davis, are not going to argue that a Supreme Court decision, no matter how badly reasoned, is not the controlling legal authority in the United States. Huckabee is nearly by himself on that one....

York inadvertently but correctly draws a bright line separating "Republicans" from "Conservatives."  (On occasion, Charlie Sykes makes that distinction, and claims to be a Conservative.)  Huckabee had cited James Madison's words to the effect that should SCOTUS create a ludicrous 'law of the land' and the nation succumbs, we have judicial tyranny.  So Madison, who indirectly followed Thomas Aquinas, is just another rural boob?

As I recall, another well-known US political leader didn't think too much of SCOTUS' ruling on black folks and caused quite a kerfuffle.  Was that politician "not a Republican"?

Huckabee is far from "alone", Mr. York--and so is Kim Davis.  Various state JP's and clerks are refusing to bend over and take it on this matter, and more will follow.

Tell that to your DC 'conservative' party-going friends.  And be sure to mention 'where the sun never shines' during your conversation.

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