Monday, September 07, 2015

When You Lose Christian Schneider....


Christian Schneider is a pretty reliable 'Walker guy.'  But maybe "is" should be changed to "was."

...What frustrates Walker supporters is that this isn't the Walker they have gotten to know in his career in Wisconsin government. The Wisconsin Walker is the one who stood firm in the face of hundreds of thousands of protesters on the steps of the Capitol. The one who emerged from a historic recall election that put him under a searing national spotlight. They expected the Walker who never withered under criticism when he signed concealed carry for firearms into law, pushed voter identification and expanded health care in the state while still resisting the allure of Obamacare's Medicaid expansion funds.

Yet this new guy — the one who tends to form a perimeter around issues with multiple positions — illuminates a main difference between National Walker and Wisconsin Walker. Scott Walker is masterful at running against Democrats, but he's terrible at running against Republicans....

Schneider opines that Walker has lost his consistency.  We--in contrast--think that Walker has been very consistently a social moderate/liberal and a not-really-'small'-government guy.  No question that his style and substance is FAR preferable to that of his (D) opponents here, but they were all radical Lefties, differing only in degree.

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