Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ph.D.'s Against Chop-Shop Parts

One expected that the UW-Mad would produce professors who advocate--loudly--that buying parts of dead babies from the local (Minnesota?) chop-shop is absolutely, positively, necessary.  That's Madison, after all.

Therefore, it's nice to see that a number of other Ph.D./medical doctors state that such procurement is absolutely NOT necessary.  At all.

...we, who are also scientists and doctors, do not share this view. We do not agree that research using human fetal or embryonic tissue from abortions or procedures such as IVF is ethical or a requisite approach for advancing scientific inquiry or preventing suffering.

The argument that fetal-derived tissues must be used in research to develop medical treatments is false. Many therapies have been developed using cell lines not of fetal origin, including insulin for diabetes (produced in bacteria), Herceptin for breast cancer and tissue plasminogen activator for heart attack, stroke and pulmonary embolism (both developed in Chinese hamster ovary cells)
....--quoted at Badger Catholic

It is a commonplace that lies accompany murder.  The question is this:  whether the Wisconsin Legislature will accept and act upon the truth.

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