Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Scott Walker's March to 2010

When the country is sinking under its debt, gummint spending is at an all-time-all-time high; when Social Security and Medicare are gasping their last breaths, when SCOTUS has arrogated to itself the power to legislate ObozoCare and marriage from the bench; when IRS is filled with corruption; when EPA is conducting an open war on private property, energy, and national resource-utilization, and when both legal AND illegal immigration are collapsing the job market for US citizens, (and that is only the domestic list of issues)......

Scott Walker decides to campaign on eliminating Federal employee unions.

Which to most people is 19th on a list of 10 serious and immediate problems.

To say that Walker is "ill-advised" doesn't come close.  I'm beginning to feel sorry for the guy.


Anonymous said...

Walker is totally lost. I'm also starting to feel sorry for him.

GOR said...

I agree, and felt he was ill-advised to even get in the race.

Borrowing a term from the financial world: "Past (local) performance is not a guarantee of future (national) results."