Sunday, September 06, 2015

Same-Sex, Irrationality, and Politicians

Nice one-graf summary of the philosophical situation of Anthony Kennedy,

...the parallel with the Matrix scenario is even closer than what I’ve said so far suggests, for the implications of “same-sex marriage” are very radically skeptical.  The reason is this: We cannot make sense of the world’s being intelligible at all, or of the human intellect’s ability to understand it, unless we affirm a classical essentialist and teleological metaphysics.  But applying that metaphysics to the study of human nature entails a classical natural law understanding of ethics.  And that understanding of ethics in turn yields, among other things, a traditional account of sexual morality that rules out “same-sex marriage” in principle.  Hence, to defend “same-sex marriage” you have to reject natural law, which in turn requires rejecting a classical essentialist and teleological metaphysics, which in turn undermines the possibility of making intelligible either the world or the mind’s ability to understand it. ---Feser

Which is to say that irrationalism--the state of being irrational--has settled itself in "the law of the land," (as Bush, Walker, and Trump would have it.)

This follows, logically, the Roe v Wade decision, meaning that irrationality has had its grip on SCOTUS for quite some time.  Naturally, the Roberts-ian ju-jitsu vis-a-vis ObozoCare fits into that mold.  (One wonders if the term "naturally" can any longer be used, of course).

So at least SCOTUS is somewhat consistent, which cannot be said for the politicians.

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