Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Jim Jordan Missed a Beat

Jim Jordan is a leading conservative congressman.  And by "leading" I mean that he leads, unlike others who run their mouths and then run for cover when the shooting starts.

But even Jordan can miss something once in a while.  Discussing how to defund Planned Parenthood Butcherhood, Jordan said this:

...“The clear question is, what’s more important, Mr. Obama: funding Planned Parenthood or paying our troops? What’s more important, Mr. Reid: funding an organization that’s engaged in what looks like criminal activity or funding our veterans?”...

With all due respect, (and admiration for your guts), I would suggest you re-phrase that this way:

"...funding an organization that's engaged in clearly immoral, reprehensible, and heinous activity..."

Frankly, Rep. Jordan, the criminal laws of the US are not the issue here.  Never have been, never will be.  There are FAR more important laws than those, and you ought to invoke them.

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