Wednesday, September 30, 2015

GE Brings Good Lies to Life!

Apparently Jeff Immelt and the GE p.r. machine have.........ahhhh........lied like rugs about expatriating all sorts of GE operations.

Well, Immelt's a close pal of Obozo, so lying ain't no surprise.

...State Rep. Scott Allen (R) claimed in a press statement first reported by Waukesha blogger James Wigderson and later covered by RightWisconsin that he was contacted by a GE official and asked if he would help the company use the announcement for political purposes....

That is to say:  GE wants Ex-Im welfare checks, so this cock-and-bull story about not funding Ex-Im causing the plant closure is exactly that:  bullshit.

And it ain't the first time for GE.

....The Washington Examiner reports that a September 15 GE announcement that it will create 400 jobs in France, something it began work on in May 2014 when GE CEO Jeffery Immelt announced plans to expand corporate operations in Europe, was said by the company to be the result of the Ex-Im Bank’s expiration. If the Ex-Im Bank expired in June 2015, then a plan that was devised in May 2014 couldn’t be the result of anything that happened more than a year later.

The Washington Free Beacon on Monday reported that GE had similarly said that 1,000 new UK jobs were the result of Ex-Im expiration even though another GE official told Reuters that, “it was unlikely that GE would have made the investments in the United States even if Ex-Im had been operating.”...

In short:  GE is moving out of the US, bit by bit, ExIm or no ExIm.  Of course, they'll still be happy to take US consumer dollars, thankyouverymuch!

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