Saturday, July 28, 2012

Zhivago and Obozo

Belvedere found an apropos line.

‘Feelings, insights, affections… it’s suddenly trivial now. You don’t agree [Zhivago]; you’re wrong.
    The personal life is dead in Russia. History has killed it. [...] The private life is dead – for a man with any manhood.’
  --Strelnikov [the leftist] in Zhivago

Then Belvedere quotes Insurrection:

We’re not worried about Obama’s dialect, we’re worried about his dialectic

Pretty good stuff.

Let's add some Russell Kirk:

Burke wrote:.....'To them, the will, the wish, the want, the liberty, the toil, the blood of individuals is nothing.  Individuality is left out of their scheme of Government.  The State is all in all.  Everything is referred to the production of force; afterwards, everything is trusted to the use of it.  .......The State has dominion and conquest for its sole objects; dominion over minds by proselytism, over bodies by arms."  These were the Jacobins; the description applies as well to the Communists and the Nazi rule....

Finally, Belvedere goes to graphics:

Classic post!!

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