Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Seventh Circuit Inanities

Well.  The poor atheists shouldn't have been tortured, ya' know.

The Elmbrook School District violated the Constitutional guarantee of separation of church and state by holding past graduation ceremonies at Elmbrook Church, a federal appeals court ruled today

....The court's opinion states that its decision was determined by Elmbrook's particular situation, pointing to the facts that minors were involved, the event was a significant one in their lives and that "conditions of extensive
proselytization" were present - most notably a large cross hung in front of the audience and religious reading materials were present as well ...

They prolly had nightmares for months.  And the Blackrobe Priests just affirmed them.

FORCING those poor folks to look at a cross--momentarily--as they plumped their butts into chairs.

The inhumanity of it all....


Anonymous said...

So I would imagine that Dad29 would also support a community whose School Board voted to hold graduation ceremonies in a mosque or a temple, right?

Even if Christians screamed bloody murder?

After all, the issue is freedom of speech.

J. Strupp said...

You know, that's a good question. Would you support a graduation ceremony held in a mosque, Dadster? Since this is a 1A issue and all.

I'm sure about 95% of your readers LOVE this idea.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for the Mosque Idea as long as I don't have to wash my feet before entering.

jimspice said...

I too would enjoy hearing D29's response to a mosque graduation.

Dan said...

I wouldn't mind as long the chairs are comfortable, has air conditioning and good parking.
In Vegas, we have our High school graduations at the Orleans Casino. We have thousands of Mormon students and adults who oppose gambling, drinking and the scantily clad drink girls. They don't bitch and cry like these plaintiffs- they just deal with it.

Dan said...

But I doubt the Muslims would allow Jews and other religions into their Mosques, so the point is moot.

Anonymous said...

You almost had it Dan...until your prejudice seeped into your last response.

At least you had the guts to respond, I'll grant you that much.

Dad29 said...

Yah, well, I've been busy.

Just like Dan--who knows the situation here--I wouldn't give a rotten damn, so long as the place had good parking, air conditioning, and plenty of room.

The estrogen-fueled (girly men and just plain bitches) crap about "separation" is just that. The pissy-fissys should have stayed home instead of going there to be offended.

Dan said...

To anon, you honestly think that Muslims will allow Jews into their Mosque? If you believe that, you are living on another planet. Where have they allowed that?
It's prejudice- it's common sense and common knowledge.

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of Dad29, the bastion of Christian ethics, for refusing to use language that emasculates his ideological opponents. Such a refreshing change!

Of course since Dad29 is a fierce defender of freedom of religion, we know that he would be outraged over this situation. How dare a community interfere in matters of faith!


And, Dan, do some learnin'...

Examples of Jews in mosques and vice versa and how relations between the two groups, while contentious, has also seen improvement here in the States. When people try to understand one another by overcoming their prejudices and tendency to be tribalistic, good things can happen.





The fourth link says it all...

"...This synagogue is a mosque. Or rather, it’s housed inside a mosque. That’s right: Members of the Chabad of East Bronx, an ultra-Orthodox synagogue, worship in the Islamic Cultural Center of North America, which is home to the Al-Iman mosque.

'People have a misconception that Muslims hate Jews,' said Baumann. 'But here is an example of them working with us.'"