Friday, July 06, 2012

You, Too, Could Be a "Terrorist"!!!

Napolitano's wisdom.

A new study funded by the Department of Homeland Security characterizes Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority,” and “reverent of individual liberty” as “extreme right-wing” terrorists.

Nice of you to pay for this study, by the way.

The more comprehensive list:

The report takes its definitions from a 2011 study entitled Profiles of Perpetrators of Terrorism, produced by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, in which the following characteristics are used to identify terrorists.
• Americans who believe their “way of life” is under attack;
• Americans who are “fiercely nationalistic (as opposed to universal and international in orientation)”;
• People who consider themselves “anti-global” (presumably those who are wary of the loss of American sovereignty);
• Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority”;
• Americans who are “reverent of individual liberty”;

Seems as though they forgot pro-lifers.


Jim said...

Not surprisingly, the linked article and the quotes you use from it completely mischaracterize the report. You can read it yourself.

The fact is, the report categorizes the motivations behind actual terrorist incidents within the US. It breaks down these motivations into five categories: Extreme right wing, Extreme left wing, Religious, Ethno-nationalistic, and Single issue.

The report accounts for terrorist incidents between 1970 and 2008 and actually finds only 72 "extreme right" incidents vs. 364 "extreme left" incidents and 657 "entho/nationalistic" and "single issue" incidents.

In other words, "extreme right wing" incidents were by far the least common motivation. And those incidents were perpetrated by people with the defined characteristics.

There is no way that this report can fairly be described as calling anyone a terrorist who has not committed an act of terrorism nor that people matching these categories tend to be terrorists.

The Moonbattery article is completely dishonest. What a surprise!

Jim said...

Correction: 72 "extreme right" and "Religious" incidents.

Saint Revolution said...

DHS is a FAILURE...such the likes of NapoliTONo and Ji(s)m.

All DHS has willfully and nefariously done, JUSTIFIED BY NOTHING BUT PUBLIC SECTOR ARROGANCE, DRIVEN BY NOTHING BUT PUBLIC SECTOR COVERT AGENDA(S), is spend MASSIVE AMOUNTS of tax money, expand government, hire MILLIONS of new UNNEEDED government workers over the last ten years, report and be accountable to no one, remove personal privacies and liberties, and create suspected criminals out of completely innocent USofA citizens.

DHS has failed. Completely failed.

A bullshit department created as a result of a bullshit "war on terror", nay, truly, a one world order colonization offensive with only oil and defensive positioning/posturing the true end game.

Can you say Reichstag?!

Blame OTrauma. Blame Bush.

It doesn't matter.

Like DOE, EPA, Patriot Act, etc., DHS is government massive overreach with no checks and balances, no constitutional/founding authority, and absolutely no conscience for the welfare of any "citizen" except government.

DHS is useless, nefarious, wasteful, and dangerous. DHS needs to disappear.

Another waste-of-taxpayer-money study?

That elephant behemoth dyke of a "woman"(?) NapoliTONo needs to justify her COMPLETELY useless existence.

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