Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Blindlings: USCC's Catholic Relief Services


Catholic Relief Services (CRS), “the official overseas relief and development agency of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops” has recently given millions to an organization that doles out contraceptives, including abortifacient ‘emergency contraception.’

The most recent CRS annual returns (2010) indicate that the largest CRS grant — $5.3 million — went to CARE, an international “relief and development organization,” that actively promotes and provides contraceptives for women in developing countries, and supports pro-abortion groups and legislation.

You'll love this:

[CRS spokescritter] Rivera told LifeSiteNews that CRS doesn’t so much give the money to the organization as act as a “pass-through” for federal funding to such groups, and that the money is given only to projects in line with Catholic teaching.

However, when asked if CRS would similarly issue ‘pass-through’ funding to Planned Parenthood for a morally neutral project, Rivera replied in the negative.  “We would never partner with Planned Parenthood,” he said.

He explained the difference saying, it’s about “the preponderance of work they do.”  Rivera noted that CRS acts on criteria developed by the U.S. bishops. “We’ve given this a lot of consideration, and there’s a threshold in terms of what the focus of an agency is, and the preponderance of their work.”

Oh.  Yah.  Sure.

“Well this is like saying that we will fund an organization that does 50 or fewer assassinations a year, but not one that will commit 50 or more assassinations a year. --Prof. Wm. Marschner...

Isn't it about time to simply sell the USCC building and dismiss the staff??


Anonymous said...

what does Tim(Clown)Dolan say about this?

Anonymous said...

.........Women using hormonal contraception --such as a birth control pill or a shot like Depo-Provera -- are at double the risk of acquiring HIV, and HIV-infected women who use hormonal contraception have twice the risk of transmitting the virus to their HIV-uninfected male partners, according to a University of Washington-led study in Africa of nearly 3,800 couples..........

Read more at:


Now, In light of the above linked study, what in the hell do the Bishops have to say about Catholic Relief Services (CRS)?????

Al said...

Somehow or other I have gotten on CARE's mailing list. When I got my 1st mailin, it didn't take me long to notice that they talked about "sexual heatlth" because it is near the top of their list of things they talk about doing.
I read their material, apparently CRS didn't. (& giving the number of mailings from CRS I get, & toss out, I wonder if they sold my name to CARE.)

Anonymous said...

I just read Judie Browns arguement.

Its a good argument for going with SSPX, and leaving the Bishops to their fate. If the SSPX ran CRS would we have any of these shenanagans and shortages of priests and wishy washy Bishops?


Edgy DC said...

If you have any questions for CRS, our media folk are easily reachable. Please don't take an outside source's word on this without coming to us for our side.

CRS adherence to Catholic teaching is something we couldn't take more seriously every day. The amount of intrinsic good that my colleagues do in the field every day --- reaching out to the poorest of the poor --- is just staggering. With that in mind, please reserve judgment.

Anonymous said...

Edge, please provide documentation which refutes the linked article.

This is easy: either CRS did, or did NOT, provide millions to an organization which offers 'emergency contraception.'

The rest of your post is irrelevant.

Edgy DC said...

Well, first of all, I'd ask you not to address me with the patronizing, "This is very easy." If we're all trying to be Christians here, we can do better than that.

CRS does not dispute what was plain in our financial report. We provided $5.3 million for CARE to partner with us in providing water and sanitation programs in four Central American countries (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua), for food and nutrition programs, as well as water and sanitation in Madagascar; and for food and nutrition programs in Zimbabwe.

I am pro-life to my core. And it is an honor to be associated with these programs.

Edgy DC said...

And the good that men and women do is not irrelevant. We are under a mandate to pursue intrinsic good as well as to resist and oppose intrinsic evil.

Anonymous said...

I see. YOU can judge "Christianity" without being a snot, eh, but I'm "patronizing."

Grow up.

Are you denying that money is fungible, or are you hoping that we don't know that?

The "we're really good people" is irrelevant. I assumed your goodwill--which may have been an error on my part.

Edgy DC said...

I certainly didn't judge you. But I see where this conversation is going, and I'll happily withdraw from it.

Dad29 said...

Well, the rest of us are waiting for your response to Anony's request.

Too bad you left.