Saturday, July 21, 2012

Why Do They Think "He's Crazy"?

AOS raises a very good point.

The Colorado shooter ain't necessarily crazy.  He could be just-plain-evil.

Certainly not the first one.  There's Tamerlane, Augustus, Herod, FDR's pal Uncle Joe, Adolf, PolPot......

......and Margaret Sanger, too.


Anonymous said...

or Obozo even

Anonymous said...

That right, even OBOZO

Anonymous said...

The shooter could be the poster boy for your BUY MORE AMMO campaign. If only Obama, per your failed prediction, had confiscated the guns!

Dad29 said... Anony with logic-fail.


Evil folks ALWAYS find a way to obtain and use things for evil purposes.

I guess you forgot about that 'evil' part, because 'we're all equal,' eh?

Stupid twit.

Saint Revolution said...

TO: 7/22/2012 10:20 AM:

Verily are you a liberal piece of dog shit stinking and floating in the OTrauma toilet.

Ann...hemmorhoid of the Obama sphincter...both of 'em rim jobs.


Jim said...