Saturday, July 28, 2012

Caddell Smells the National Security Stench

Pat Caddell:

...let’s restate the key questions that need to be asked of David Axelrod. He has been outside of the White House for 18 months, and so he can no longer claim the executive privilege that would still protect, for example, Jay Carney. Let’s ask three questions: 

First, why has your basic answer to the leak question changed from June 10  July 25? 

Second, have you spoken with the President, or anyone on the White House/National Security Council staff about these leaks? This question should pertain to all the people in the Situation Room, and yes, to another veteran political operative, Tom Donilon–now, incredibly and improbably, the national security adviser.  

Third, have you been contacted by any investigators from either the Justice Department or the Congress?

When those people regard everything--including national security matters---as 'political goods',--- then, Houston, we have a problem.

Or maybe The Plan is working?

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