Thursday, July 26, 2012

President? Really?

To state that this guy is a jerkwad is to be too kind by several orders of magnitude.

The acronym SCOAMF is much, much, much more fitting--and even that is mild.

President Obama Held His Last Jobs Council Meeting 191 Days Ago.

President Obama Has Attended 117 Campaign Fundraisers Since His Last Jobs Council Meeting

Not much more to say.



Jim said...

The President sent the recommendations of his jobs council to Congress MONTHS ago. So far the House has done NOTHING in at least 191 days.

By the way, I believe the President has a telephone as does every member of his jobs council.

This is the latest Republican talking point aimed at taking the focus off the point that they have done NOTHING to help this country in three years, six months, and six days.

Dad29 said...


Having a (D) controlled Senate and a demi-Commie with a veto pen kinda makes 'doing something' impossible.

Until January 2013, of course.

Jim said...

There hasn't been a "(D) controlled" Senate since February 4th, 2010, and prior to then there were only 77 days in which Congress was in session and the Democratic caucus numbered 60.

How many times has this president veto a bill?

Anonymous said...

Except, Dad29, that if you vote for Romney, you vote for a Pubbie Rapist. At least, that is the criteria you stated in an earlier blog posting, and Romney fits your description to a T.

So much for principles.

Al said...

"There hasn't been a "(D) controlled" Senate since February 4th, 2010, and prior to then there were only 77 days in which Congress was in session and the Democratic caucus numbered 60."
You might want to break the news to Harry Reid since he is majority leader & a Democrat. Fot that matter,the President pro tempore, Daniel Inouye, is also a Democrat. They still control the Senate & can vote down anything from the House they don't like.
Control is based on having a majority, not enough to override a filibuster. Because Biden is a Democrat, they only need 50 senators to control it. & they have 53.

Jim said...

Hey Al. Keep talking. You're full of it. The Senate can stop the House, but the Republican's can stop the Harry Reid any day of the week.

Control is NOT based on having a majority. Control is based on what you can pass, and the Democrats don't have it. If you claim otherwise, you are either delusional or dishonest.

Dad29 said...

Jim failed the "majority/Minority" definitions part of Math.

Jim said...

Dad and Al just flat out failed civics and current events.

Anonymous said...

And Dad29 failed the smell test. Romney is his man come November.

Again, so much for principles.

Saint Revolution said...

TO: faggots Ann and Ji(s)m:

The Real Numbers Of The Jobs Crisis

The Invisible UnEmployed

Get your dicks out of each others' asses long enough to read TRUTH, you liberal false-information time-wasting buttercup twinkies.

People are in the breadlines, you fucks. They don't need bullshit rhetoric from assholes like you RE: congressional control.

They need real jobs...and real help...

Got it, Ji(s)m Bankgster and Ann Tutu Tester?!

Couple of the most useless human tragedies ever to disgrace the population...

Anonymous said...

Timmy, I mean St. Revolution, do you even read what you link to?

According to the first link (The Real Numbers...), the author states that both political parties ought to set aside their differences for the welfare of the country.

You know, compromise. Are you implying that you want (R)'s and (D)'s to reach across the aisle to help out the underemployed and unemployed?

That would blow apart your anti-establishment meme!

The author even supports a proposal by Rev. Jesse Jackson, a DEMOCRAT, for Congressional action on the matter, and the author even throws in a suggestion...(gasp)...a new Works Progress Administration FDR style!

So, it would appear that you are advocating Congressional control--by liberals!--otherwise, why would you link to a site if you did not believe in its premises?

Look here, the author even says it--"We need concerted government action, now."

Indeed, I am reading TRUTH...Timmy, I mean St. Revolution, is a closet liberal and big government spender.

You go, girlfriend!

P.S. Tone down the sexual innuendos, I heard God is not too fond of such language. Do you want to incur his wrath?

Al said...

Jim said: "Dad and Al just flat out failed civics and current events."
As the old saying goes, when you can't win the arguement with the facts, resort to insults. Jim's comment proves that he knows we are right.
Not that I need to defend myself, but I think my credentials prove that I do know what I am talking about. I have been involved in politics since I was a child working in the 1964 presidential campaign. I have been active ever since, starting as a democrat & switching over in the 80s primarily because of the right to life issue. I have been on both the Democratic & now Republican central committees for my county. & FYI, I aced both of the government classes (federal & state and local) that I toook in college.
I regularly read both the Constitution & Declaration of Independence.
I could go on, but I think I have said enough to show that I have a fairly firm grasp on how our Congress works.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, have a cookie!