Thursday, July 26, 2012

Same Gun-Grabber, Different Day

The asinine formulations never change.  President Dumbass speaks, with multiple errors:

To reduce the toll of gun violence, Obama said that criminals and fugitives should be banned from gun purchases, and that a “mentally unbalanced” person should not be able “to get his hands” on a gun. 

...Obama said he supports the Second Amendment right to own arms and that hunting and shooting are part of “a cherished national heritage.” 

Still, he said many gun owners “would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals.

1)  To my mind, 'mentally unbalanced' includes Socialists like Obozo. The Leninists thought so, too.  Except their solution was the death penalty.

2)  'Hunting and shooting'?  He forgot 'armed revolution against tinpot dictators.'  And he probably forgot that for a real good reason.

3)  AK's are Communist-Russia rifles now used by every other Commie country and several million jihadists.  President Dumbass doesn't know that?  President Dumbass doesn't know that the AR is a sporting rifle, used to take small game and as a target rifle, and in its military version is A/K/A the M-16 and M-4?


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TO: Ji(s)m 7/26/2012 4:24 PM:


Corrupt moron bankgster fucker.

Only liberal fucks like you WOULDN'T know what Dad is really talking about.

100 IQ "brainiacs" in the banks.

Fucking fm sympathizer.