Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Police Chiefs' Silly Suggestions

You can count on political animals to come up with silly.

Police chiefs from across the state met with U.S. Senate candidates in Madison Tuesday to call for tougher background checks for gun buyers.

The chiefs are pushing for federal laws that would require background checks for private gun sales.

Not the States.  Nope.  The FEDS!!!  Only the FEDS can help!!

This has nothing--nothing--to do with 'stopping crime.'  Criminals don't give a rip about obtaining a permit to carry concealed, and they don't give a rip about filling out Gummint forms to buy or sell a gun on the street.

And if Chief Bozo of East Podunk thinks I'm going to fill out a Gummint form to sell a handgun to my next-door neighbor or to my child, he's .......hopeless.

Which is the reality about most of these "chiefs" of police.


Tim Morrissey said...

Apparently, this is similar to the phenomenon sometimes called "security theater", which has the net effect of making a few dweebs feel "safer".

Saint Revolution said...


Once again fomenting fear (or so they think) instead of alleviating it.

"To Protect Their Remuneration And Serve Their Self Interests".

The price of pork really shouldn't rise. There are more than enough pigs to go 'round.