Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How It REALLY Works (The Big-Biz Tango, That Is...)

Tim Carney's a bit younger, so he starts with a slight error:

The hip new bipartisan way for government to try to steer the economy and subsidize favored industries or companies is through tax deductions and credits. As with most government meddling in the economy, the benefit accrues disproportionately to large, politically connected businesses...

Tim, it's not "new."  Mortgage-interest deductions (e.g.) have been around for 50 years or more....

The rest of the article is spot-on.  Paul Ryan got it a long time ago; his watchword is that 'Gummint should encourage FREE MARKETS, not "business."'

Big difference....


J. Strupp said...

If you think Paul Ryan is a free market guy you're kidding yourself. He's got you eating out of his hand.

Anonymous said...

John Boehner needs to be replaced. He is the wrong person for the Job. He is more Democrat than Republican. He simply has to go. SHUT DOWN the Govt. He needs to kill the funding of Obamacare.

Speaker of the House John Boehner needs “to go” and be replaced by a “Tea Party Speaker of the House,”


Boehner Dodges Question of Whether House Majority Will Defund ObamaCare if Democrats Are Willing to Shutdown Government Over It.


Boehner is a fool that does not realize he is dealing with communist when he is dealing with OBOZO
Boehner has the backbone of a snake.

How to deal with a communist?

Well here is what Alexander Solzhenitsyn has to say:

..........You have to understand the nature of communism. The very ideology of communism, all of Lenin's teachings, are that anyone is considered to be a fool who doesn't take what's lying in front of him. If you can take it, take it. If you can attack, attack. But if there's a wall, then go back. And the Communist leaders respect only firmness and have contempt and laugh at persons who continually give in to them. Your people are now saying - and this is the last quotation I am going to give you from the statements of your leaders - "Power, without any attempt at conciliation, will lead to a world conflict." But I would say that power with continual subservience is no power at all....................