Friday, July 13, 2012

They're Taken for Granted, Duh....

Gee.  I'm not surprised...

“We don’t think the president has ever spoken to us. He’s spoken to the Latino community and he’s been specific,” said Robert W. Bogle, publisher of the Philadelphia Tribune and a former NNPA president. “This is the first president since Franklin Roosevelt that has not invited the Black Press to the White House (for an interview).” Although President Obama has met several times with African-American newspaper publishers at the White House, he has never addressed an NNPA convention.  The NNPA News Service has made repeated requests for a one-on-one interview with the president, but those requests have been denied.  --LegalInsurrection quoting Chicago Crusader.

The Great O also did NOT appear at the NAACP convention in Houston.  He send BFD Biden instead.

Those hints should be clear enough; it's exactly the same tactic as that of McCain '08, who ignored the Tea Party (when he wasn't insulting them.)

It's called "the Reservation Gambit."

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