Monday, July 16, 2012

Hovde Rising

This is not a surprise.

Recent polls haven't been as encouraging for Mark Neumann in Wisconsin. Two polls showed Neumann, a conservative former congressman, running third for the Republican senatorial nomination with Eric Hovde emerging as the main challenger to Tommy Thompson, the former governor, presidential candididate, and Bush secretary of health and human services.

Neumann's attack ads are working against Neumann. 

And TT?  It's strictly name-recognition, albeit with some Old Guard loyalty.  But "Bond-It-and-Spend-It" Thompson, an old-time (and, frankly, pretty old) politician, is yesterday's (R).  The Tea Party folks revolted against that 4 years ago.


Anonymous said...

Yet, TT Boy will win the (R) nomination, and you will happily vote for him, just like Romney. So much for "conservative" principles!

Saint Revolution said...

...and hitherto, lamentably, there are still the same old grievously dismal and horrible Anns...

Anonymous said...

Ok, Timmy, so here's your chance. Will you vote for Romney? For TTBoy?

Who do YOU suggest are the alternatives? As you stated, blogging takes work.

Anonymous said...

There is no way in hell I will vote for Romney or for Obozo.

Obozo is really bad, but willard is not too far off

Republicans need to be seriously defeated for giving us so many establishment RINOS

Screw the POWERS THAT BE, I will not accept the force fed garbage they are serving.