Thursday, July 26, 2012

Catholic Relief Services Gets All Twitchy

We noticed that some shill/spinner for CRS appeared here yesterday to blow smoke in our combox.

It didn't work, but we weren't alone.  Seems that CRS "management" is extremely sensitive to .......ahhh......light.

...To date, CRS has produced three press releases and a high volume of tweets and emails defending the grant despite the oddity of the Bishops simultaneously fighting the Obama contraceptive mandate.

Seems like CRS misrepresented its 'blessing':

...Dr. Haas’ assessment of the grant was very negative.  He told CRS about their donating to CARE: “In my opinion because CARE is so well known and so high profile and because the advocacy of abortion has been so strong and public and in such opposition to the position of the bishops, scandal would be unavoidable.

And they're far more generous to this pack of abortionistas than previously thought:

Beyond this LifeSiteNews has found that the CRS donation to CARE during 2008 and 2009 totaled an additional $3+ million. (2008: $1,802,709 and 2009: $1,399,534)

See, it's "Christian" to send large money to chemical-abortion providers--but NOT "Christian" to talk about that activity in public.

It's also Christian to call a lying jackass a lying jackass.  Truth is what it is, ya' know.


Anonymous said...

My guess is that the Bishops will not do anything but pray about it. Sad state of affairs. Hope I'm wrong.
Pray the light does some good.

Al said...

CRS has NO excuses, if I could figure out CARE promotes abortion from a flier of theirs I got, then they should have been able to as well.

Anonymous said...

Exorcise your pervert priests, then pop off. Until then, this is but a distraction from your failure to fix an ongoing pedophilia problem.

Anonymous said...

It was never a pedophila problem. It was and is a faggot problem with the pervert priests.(who by the way stand with you on most subjects.)Think about that the next time you f*** your boyfriend in the a** YOU PERVERT!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and if you are a godless dyke carpet licker, same advise.

Anonymous said...

Dad, is this a good thing?

Anonymous said...

"ongoing pedophilia problem' There is no ongoing pedophilia problem in the Church. It has moved to the public school system. Another case pops up on the news every few weeks in southeast Wi. alone. turn on the the T.V. If you are not a faggot or dyke do you support the perverse acts they engage in?

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for your reply faggot/dyke. Or when you "popped off" did you assume those who disagree with you are all turn the other cheek Christians. Defend your position.

Anonymous said...

Answer the question faggot/dyke. Do you support the perverse acts faggots and dykes engage in? If you're not one of those perversities who in your family is?