Tuesday, July 31, 2012

MMSD the Model for ObozoPlot

This ought to sound familiar to anyone living in the Greater Milwaukee area.

....the centerpiece of Obama’s agenda — the redistribution of money from the suburbs to the cities — is still mostly in the plotting stages. Thus, a more accurate title for Kurtz’s book might have been “How Obama Plans To Rob The Suburbs To Pay For The Cities In A Second Term.” 

How can Obama “rob the suburbs”? In brief, and to oversimplify, he hopes to accomplish this by conditioning federal grant money on the creation and/or use of “regional” bodies, as opposed to standard governmental units like cities, towns, and counties. The regional bodies would be controlled by a coalition of cities and poorer “inner ring” suburbs and aided by regulations and additional conditions imposed by Washington to the disadvantage of the suburbs.

The model for that happens to be MMSD.  As you recall, MMSD is "regional"; it robbed Milwaukee suburbs for the sole benefit of the City of Milwaukee; it was instituted by a far-Left Mayor and Governor (albeit Maier and Reynolds would blanch at today's Leftist ideals such as gay "marriage') and was abetted by State funding.

It is NOT a co-incidence that MMSD is a body which taxes without representation, and (significantly) its governance is still dominated by the City of Milwaukee, even though its population-majority has shifted to the bled-white suburbs within the District.


Tim Morrissey said...

Sometimes, the level of hysteria about the hidden agenda of European Socialism elevates past "remarkable" to "amusing". Gay "marriage" nicely worked into the rant, as well. Kudos.

Jim said...

Here, here!

Dad29 said...


Contradict the facts? You can't.


BTW, Tim, why don't you edit Jim's work. He needs a LOT of help.

Did I mention "European Socialism" in the post? Nope.

In fact, the problem lies with Obozo's utter contempt for the principle of subsidiarity--which wouldn't be a big deal except that his position is diametrically opposed to the principle underlying the Constitution--which happens to be 'subsidiarity.'

Jim said...

So I guess community organizing counts for nothing.