Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Deport Pro-Lifers, Not Illegals: Obozo & Co.

The re-definition of "terrorists and undesirables" continues apace.

The federal government appears to be making a concerted effort to to gain intelligence on the pro-life movement, according to some of the movement’s most prominent leaders. 

Jill Stanek has revealed that on July 13, FBI agents Conrad Rodriguez and William Sivley paid a visit to her son-in-law, Andy Moore, reportedly pressuring him to expose the inner workings of the right-to-life movement and making veiled threats to separate him from his wife and family through imprisonment or deportation.

Moore is a citizen of New Zealand, not the US.

...Stanek wrote that the agents – who said their department also investigates hate crimes such as those committed by white supremacists – asked “inappropriate questions clearly aimed at intimidating Andy, while also launching into a  fishing expedition about me.”  Agents reportedly asked her son-in-law whether Stanek had inspired his activism, whether she trained him, and if he got his ideas from her. 

They also asked, “What affiliations do you have including church groups?

The grilling was occasioned because Moore used a bullhorn (possibly a local noise-ordinance violation) at a protest.  Not exactly sedition.

Silly Moore.  Crossed the border legally.


Anonymous said...

"Moore is a citizen of New Zealand, not the US."

Yep, and he's not entitled to any due process accorded to American citizens.
That's how it works.

Jim said...

I think every person in the United States is entitled to due process, citizen or not.

Is this the same Jill Stanek who claimed to have sat in a hospital utility closet "cradling" a "live born" post-abortion fetus and watching it die instead of seeking medical attention to try and save it?

Why would you believe her?

Saint Revolution said...

The Fucking Bastard Imbeciles have come a long way from the days when Jimmy Stewart was an FBI G-Man.

What a gorgeous painting HollyWood presents.

Doesn't the infamy just make you all warm and fuzzy inside?!

What would you do with a doomed murdered Child Of God, Jim? You got a big mouth and a bullshit retort for everything, don'tcha?

Jimmy and Annie...Saint Peter just can't wait to meet you two bozos...

Good luck at The're gonna need it...

Jim said...

My pass has been validated, thank you.

You got a big mouth and a bullshit retort for everything, don'tcha?

Ironic, coming from you.

Saint Revolution said...

TO: Ji(s)m:

A Northern California bankgster pro-choice minion devil's advocate self-determining his own eternal validation.

I cannot begin to pen the anti-billet-doux
used to try to expound the comprehension of the delusionary wrongness...

One elevator...going down.