Friday, July 13, 2012

The Stench of the Bankers

Ticker hits a couple out of the park here and here.

In the first one, it appears that TurboTax Timmy was well-aware of LIBOR Lying in 2008.

Hmmmm.  Did he learn of it from US banks' involvement?  Did he refer it to Justice for possible criminal charges? 

In the second, we learn that "regulating" Banks (specifically, Dimon's Chase) is really a family affair.  A ~$2 million family affair.

So what's a $4Bn (and growing) gambling loss versus family ties?

It'll be another taxpayer rescue, folks.


Saint Revolution said...

How is it possible these conflicts of interest are business as usual year after year?

Don'cha know? It's all the one world order freemason butt pumpers.

No freemason is gonna crap on another freemason...except behind closed bedroom doors...they like that kind of kink.

By the by, did Timmy fm (and Rahm fm) ever, in the end, pay their taxes?

Ahhh, of coursey course...I didn't think so.

One "Dig 'Em's" scandal always overshadows another, doesn't it Mayor West...or so the freemasons think.

Oh, yeah.

We The People always forget the old scandals in lieu of the latest ones...because we're the rabbbbbbble, stupid as a door hinge.

Isn't that right, Dimon. Isn't that right, Rothy baby. Timmy? Rahm? OShameA? Any fm cocksucker?!



We remember all.



Saint Revolution said...

Isn't our beautiful-day-in-the-Dad29-neighbourhood cross-dressing liberal Jim a bankgster?

Libby Ji(zz)mmy

You also fm, Jimmy?

Peruse other Saint Revolution Dad29 blog comments here.

Anonymous said...

Blah, blah, blah. Banks = bad. Government and banks = bad.

And, of course, let's blame the Freemasons. Just add the Jews for good measure.

Any realistic solutions, there, Timmy V., I mean St. Revolution? You know, blogging takes work. Cite sources.

In the end, Timmy V. will proclaim loudly that he is going to get his toy gun and tin foil hat and play "cops and robbers"...without actually following through.

Oh, by the way, Timmy V., what is your obsession with sexual references by the way? Very creepy. Then again, you are the alleged 150+ I.Q. Alpha Male, eh?

Saint Revolution said...

TO: AnnPantyLiner 7/14/2012 7:01 AM:

Hey, longest tampon.

Extract yourself. I think you're giving yourself toxic shock.

You wrote it...
Annblah = blah, blah, blah.
Yes you did.

...and again with the tired tired tired old old old McVeigh McVeigh McVeigh...

...and, again, plaguarizing MY blog entries for lack of his peasantry's own creativity...


Too sloberally libocratic to be human.
Too stupid to be fm.
Too tutu'ed to be a man.
Too ridiculous and wrong to be believable.

Too much of a homosexual parasitic cretin to waste any more time on...

Make sure you thoroughly wash those panties you're wearing, little Ann, before you sneak them back into your wife's underwear drawer.

Los Endos.

Anonymous said...

So much for solutions. Only perverted comments by a narcissist. Nothing new here on Timmy's part.