Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Democrats' Big Lie

Not their "biggest" lie--that's the one where they promise Paradise here, in exchange for all of someone else's money, (and that of their children, their children's children, ad infinitum), along with complete control of the Gummint.  Yes, that lie does resemble the one that the serpent told to Adam.

No, this one is another lie.  It's the "Evil Rich Guys Spent Lotsa Big Money and All We Got was the T-Shirt" lie.

A Wall Street Journal analysis of political spending unveiled Tuesday found that organized labor groups dropped a combined $4.4 billion on political activities between 2006 and 2011, about four times more than previously estimated.

The Journal cast a wide net to determine what counted as "political spending," including activities that range from traditional candidate donations to the cost of hot dogs for union demonstrators at political rallies.

BILLION, folks.

Quoting the WSJ:

The unions' reports to the Labor Department capture an additional $3.3 billion that unions spent over the same period on political activity.

The costs reported to the Labor Department range from polling fees, to money spent persuading union members to vote a certain way, to bratwursts to feed Wisconsin workers protesting at the state capitol last year. Much of this kind of spending comes not from members' contributions to a PAC but directly from unions' dues-funded coffers. There is no requirement that unions report all of this kind of spending to the Federal Election Commission, or FEC

And, of course, there's no requirement that the MSM report this.  So they won't.

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