Thursday, July 12, 2012

Woopsie!! Another "Solar Energy" Fail!!

This time, it wasn't taxpayer money.  It was the money of GE shareholders.

GE PrimeStar was originally PrimeStar Solar, a startup which used technology developed at the National Renewable Energy Lab and $3 million in DOE award money (given in 2007 and 2008 under the Bush administration) to develop its business. In April of 2011, GE, which had been an investor in the company since 2008, bought the company outright and announced it would build a $300 million production plant in Aurora, Colorado.

The plant was announced just six weeks after Solyndra's bankruptcy, making it cause for celebration at the DOE.

...All of the optimism faded last week when GE announced it was laying off about half of the current employees of PrimeStar. And the big new production plant in Aurora? That has been put on hold for at least 18 months.

According to one of the company's founders, "thin-film photovoltaics" are on their way out.


Anonymous said...

sniff......sniff..... Poor GE......... sniff losing all that $

Well, In a cosmic sense this is justice for not paying taxes....

Saint Revolution said...

TO: AnnStupid 7/12/2012 7:10 AM:

GE did not NOT pay their taxes.

Look it up, stupid. Get the story straight.

Lazy or dumb...hump or death.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dad, did you read this?

General Electric Co. manufactures electrical equipment, lighting products and household appliances. It also owns the broadcasting network NBC. In terms of market capitalization, GE is the world's second largest company and also second in the BrandZ ranking. In the 1960s, aspects of U.S. tax laws and accounting practices led to a rise in the assembly of conglomerates. GE, which was a conglomerate long before the term was coined, is arguably the most successful organization of this type.

Global Fortune 500 position: 11

In their 2002 report, ""Titans of the Enron Economy: The 10 Habits of Highly Defective Corporations," United for a Fair Economy gave a "special Lifetime Achievement Award" to General Electric "for scoring the highest average rank across all 10 bad habits, the only company to outrank second-place Enron. GE exceeds Enron’s score by an astonishing 45%."

........ read more at the link..

Saint Revolution said...

Corporate Tax Payers And Corporate Tax Dodgers 2008-2010 ...

Google Search: Corporate Taxpayers & Corporate Tax Dodgers 2008-10

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Anonymous said...

Did you see this new Obama Green Jobs fail?

Anonymous said...

Read this one,,,,,,

Solyndra figures attend swank Obama fundraiser