Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Logic Error of Tom Still

Tom Still is probably a nice guy.  But he's a shill, nonetheless.  Here he demonstrates a Logic 101 error.

Ankit Agarwal is a two-time finalist in the Wisconsin Governor's Business Plan Contest and a biochemical engineer whose work promises to help doctors treat patients with slow-to-heal skin wounds. He's even started a Madison-based company, Imbed Biosciences, to commercialize his discoveries.

Too bad Wisconsin – and the United States – nearly lost him over a protracted and largely senseless immigration problem.

You can read the rest of Agarwal's story at the link.

Tom's working a basic logic error:  going from the particular to the general (also known as "hard cases make bad law") and here he goes:

...Similar roadblocks are thrown up tens of thousands of times each year in the United States, which annually graduates nearly 40,000 foreign-born students with master's or doctoral degrees in science, technology, engineering and math...


Still wants you to believe that all 40,000 of them are geniuses, like Agarwal.

In reality, they're not.  The Bell Curve remains operative, no matter what the shills say.  And, as Prof. Norm Matloff demonstrates to a fare-thee-well, the effect of importing cheap labor is........

REDUCING the number of native-US S.T.E.M. graduates.

Nice try, Tom.

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