Monday, July 23, 2012

"Rising" a Classic Film

An interesting review.  Looks like "Rising" follows the classical pattern--the REAL one, not the H'wood crap.

...But [Nolan's] real genius is in how he expresses his vision and theme. While all of Hollywood embraces nihilism wrapped in irony, Nolan moves us with an inexpressibly touching faith in humanity. While all of Hollywood embraces CGI, the shaky-cam, and hyper-editing, Nolan sets his story in the real world and allows us to see what's going on. And as all of Hollywood embraces hollow, artless, left-wing tripe, Nolan delivers crowd-pleasing, thematically-driven classical art that ennobles the human spirit -- and while doing so, breaks box office records.

OK, then.  I'll re-visit "Dark Knight" before seeing "Rising."

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Tim Morrissey said...

Do the revisiting; then see "Rising".