Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wondering About Jazz in the Park Carry-In Ban?

Cui Bono is the first question you should ask when reading "odd" stories like the Jazz in the Park carry-in item.

The Milwaukee PD cites the following as its reason to ban carry-ins to Jazz in the Park:

125.32(6)(a) (a) Except as provided in s. 125.33 (2) (o) or (12) or 125.70, no person may possess on the premises covered by a retail or wholesale fermented malt beverages license or permit any alcohol beverages not authorized by law for sale on the premises.

(The exceptions are not germane.)

Apparently, East Town Association had a license and was dispensing alcohol. That license is the predicate of the ban.

If East Town would drop its license, then carry-ins would be permitted. Of course, East Town would then lose revenues from its bar operations.

This is another example of "special interest" legislation, by the way. The interest being served is that of the license-holder. Under the law, the license holder MUST BE THE ONLY BENEFICIARY of liquor/beer/wine consumption.

1) It is possible that East Town Ass'n wants to increase its revenues--meaning that they asked the cop-shop to issue its opinion, and then released the "news" as though they knew nothing about it.

2) It's also possible that East Town was as surprised as most people were...

3) It's possible that the Leggies created this statute because there were riotous drunken parties going on at licensed premises and the licensee swore up and down that he/she did NOT serve the drunks.

But let there be no doubt: the tavernkeepers, caterers, and other license-holders are supporting this law. Whether "for the good of the public order" or just for the good of their pocketbooks, that's the way it is.



Neo-Con Tastic said...

The revenue gained from the outside vendors goes to charity. Fine by me.

The bars have agreed to this event occurring every Thursday and they sacrifice by dealing with major traffic and free loaders for a few extra bucks.

The real problem is the influx of "youths" as of late. It's not as safe as it was just two years ago.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

I agree with NeoCon. I don't believe that this is some profiteering adventure, rather, a way to minimize the riff raff.

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Too bad. My wife and I enjoyed it for several years before we moved to the 'burbs. By that time, it was getting ridiculously crowded and if there is a youth problem, maybe this isn't a bad idea.

Adrienne said...

How about no alcohol at all?

Dad29 said...

Adr'n--that ain't gonna happen.

It's in the rules of jazz-enjoyment: you must accompany jazz with beer, wine, or single-malt Scotch, up.