Saturday, January 31, 2009

Some Tax Cuts Are More Equal...

You will believe it, of course.

The House version of the stimulus already includes a bonus depreciation that lets businesses immediately write off 50% of their 2009 capital expenditures. But the Senate bill expands the definition of "qualifying property" -- specifically to include "certain motion picture film or videotape..."the provision is backed by firms like the Walt Disney Co., and the industry trade group the Motion Picture Association of America."

I forget which LeftOWacky commented on my blog that "no one is worth $100 million"--and of course, he was referring to Rush Limbaugh, an eeeeeeeeeeeeevil cretin (right?).

Let's talk about gross incomes a bit:

According to Variety, which covers show business, ticket sales for 2008 "clocked in at $9.63 billion, ahead of the $9.62 billion earned in 2007. Admissions were down roughly 4%, far less than declines in other sectors of the economy."

This is not "stimulus." This is payback, plain and simple.

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