Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Sick Leave" Judge Bails Out

This is not good.

Milwaukee Circuit Court Judge John DiMotto has recused himself from participating in the hearing for a court order to prevent the city of Milwaukee sick-leave ordinance from taking effect Feb. 10.

DiMotto’s decision to take himself off the case led to the canceling of the Feb. 6 court hearing to review the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce’s legal action to halt enforcement of the ordinance. The court case was reassigned to Judge Elsa Lamelas, and there is no certainty when her schedule will open up to conduct the initial hearing, according to a court clerk

The "no certainty....her schedule" part is the bad news. An injunction against enforcement is sought, and would most likely be granted. But the delay may mean that Milwaukee-area employers will begin recordkeeping/accounting procedures--an expense which is burdensome.

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Scot1and said...

I'm guessing its because his wife, was one of the judges that was accused of taking too many sick days.

But the story gets better than that: They requested a judicial substitution for Lamelas and then the new judge Sosnay also recused himself.