Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Lefties Have NO CASE for the Stimulus

Over the last week or so, I've noticed that the Reliable Lefty commenters are unable to make any sort of case whatsoever for "the Stimulus."

See the comboxes at this post, for example, which questions the plan to provide tax dollars to pay for COBRA insurance premium requirements. I argue that there is really no "need" to do so; a Lefty seems to think that without taxpayer support of COBRA payments, people will simply get sick and die.

Or here, where the same inchoate interlocutor attempts to tell us that "all Gummint spending is identical," failing to recognize the difference between spending on Oshkosh Truck (e.g.) and a Bureaucracy in DC.

In this one, where the LeftyWackos argue that 'there IS no [effective] Corporate income tax, so let's NOT cut it,' and in addition, argue that US employers providing war services and materiel spend all their money on CEO's--not on "skilled workers."

They're probably very nice folks to meet. Just don't ask for linear thought.

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