Thursday, January 29, 2009

Remember the $500 Walk-Behind Mower?

Talk about asinine ideas.

Regulators, led by the California Air Resources Board, pressed for less pollution from the small-engine industry as emissions from cars and trucks improved.

They argued that Briggs and other engine-makers could install catalytic converters on small engines to reduce pollution. Briggs, the world's largest producer of small gasoline engines, said the equipment would pose safety hazards and would be too costly for products such as walk-behind lawn mowers

"Cats" are extremely hot during and after use, and very, very expensive. The 'cat' on your car costs about $400.00. Even if one scales down the cost to the size of the engine, you're still talking $100.00 just for the platinum.

Better idea: stop cutting the damn grass in California.

HT: FoxPolitics

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Shoebox said...

Hey, what's $100 or $200 on a mower when you're OK with $6K+ on autos?