Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Heavy, Heavy, Hand of Gummint, Part 254

California is known as 'the land of fruits and nuts' for a reason--mostly because the nuts inhabit the Statehouse and courts.

Mr. Dominguez is a law abiding fellow who had the misfortune to live in California (everything he was doing would be completely legal in AZ). On the way to a shooting range, he stopped at the LA airport to pick up a friend who would go to the range with him. He had his firearms and ammo in locked cases in a locked cover to his pickup's bed. Airport security pulled him over for an inspection. All his guns were legal, including an assault rifle which he had registered in accord with the law.

But he was charged with a felony, anyway, because the CA law on assault rifles says they may be transported only between specific locations. Home to shooting range is OK, BUT the prosecution contends that since he stopped at the airport on the way to the range, his is guilty of felony transportation. They also seized and may forfeit his truck.

Another good reason for "jury nullification."

Or for simply packing up and leaving California to its bankruptcy.

HT: Of Arms

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