Sunday, January 25, 2009

Koschnik Forgot a Couple of Shirley-Paloozas

While Judge Koschnik points to three of Justice Abrahamson's decisions as "activist," he forgets about the most "activist" ones.

He mentions a 'bloody shirt' evidentiary dispute, the "who's the Legislature, anyway?" arrogance, and the "Sue 'em all!!" lead-paint issue.

But Shirley is also known for her "Mommy, May I??" decisions on self-defense, wherein she attempts to ignore the Wisconsin Constitution in favor of State laws. (Hint: the Constitution is supposed to prevail, not the law.)

And I'm certain that Mark Green has his own favorite "Shirley-Palooza" Bonzo-Justice stories...

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Display Name said...

Who's read any of Koschnick's decisions? How many has he written? What are they like?