Thursday, January 29, 2009

State Dems: "Hell, NO!" on Accountability

Not that anyone is surprised, or anything.

There is significant and very real concern mounting in the State Capitol that the much-anticipated multi-billion dollar bailout of our state government by the feds will result in massive amounts of funds being doled out with little, if any, meaningful oversight or accountability...

Or those funds just might find Wisconsin ACORN checking accounts, eh?

...the Democrat majority in the State Assembly failed to take action on Assembly Joint Resolution 3. If adopted, AJR 3 would set up a bi-partisan committee of lawmakers - the Joint Committee on Economic Stimulus Accountability (JCESA) to specifically shine light on the use of federal bailout funds provided to the State of Wisconsin. Because Democrats control both Houses in the Legislature, they would have a majority on JCESA.

So the funds could STILL be directed to ACORN, except the Republicans would be able to document it....

...Democrats in the Assembly contended that the oversight provided by JCESA would "slow down" the expenditure of federal funds and thus hamper Wisconsin's recovery. This argument fails to hold water, however, since JCESA would be specifically required to hold a public hearing on any proposals within seven (7) days of the referral of the bill to the committee and issue its report no later than seven (7) days after the public hearing...

IOW, the Dimowit response was non-responsive.

How original.

Source: Gundrum Newsletter

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Billiam said...

I guess they don't understand if you take a little more time to make a decision, you can make a better one than if you go fast. Nah. They know exactley what they want to do, and who they DON'T want to know about it.