Sunday, January 25, 2009

Who Needs a Cabinet, Anyway??

Politico agrees with my thoughts.

President Barack Obama is taking far-reaching steps to centralize decision-making inside the White House, surrounding himself with influential counselors, overseas envoys and policy "czars" that shift power from traditional Cabinet posts.

The AB will recognize that statement--it's the long version of what I posted in a response-box.

For all the talk of his “Team of Rivals” pick in Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Obama last week handed the two hottest hotspots in American foreign policy to presidential envoys – one to former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, and the other to a man who knows his way around Foggy Bottom better than Clinton does, Richard Holbrooke."Czar" Carol Browner will head up Obama's fight on global warming, where once his energy and environmental chiefs might have stepped in. Tom Daschle scored a ground floor office in the West Wing not by running Health and Human Services – but because of his role as Obama's health-reform czar.

Obama is still trolling for a Commerce Secretary--but who needs one? He has David Axelrod.

Look at it this way: his nominee for IRS Overlord is a tax evader. His nominee for Ass't SecDef is a lobbyist, and he was forced to make a "one-time exception" from his "rules." His SecState has more conflicts of interest than a junior high has pimples.

He doesn't give a rotten fig about the Cabinet. It's a joke.

And that, my friends, is something to ponder.

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Shoebox said...

President Present fully believes he is the smartest person ever. I suspect any advice he takes is couched in the form that makes him think it was his idea in the first place.