Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Full Reverse on Patriot Act

To accompany the below item, here's an interesting note.

Last Thursday, Barack Obama’s nominee for Attorney General, Eric Holder, admitted during his Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing that he supported renewing the part of the Patriot Act that allows for the FBI to seek records from businesses, libraries and bookstores as the policing agency investigates suspects in this country. For years we’ve seen news agencies and opinionists rail against the expanded power of the FBI to search such records...

...Over the years many challenges to the library and bookstore search power have been made and thus far the law has withstood the onslaught. As a result, the Bush administration has been accused of indulging any manner of imperialist, unconstitutional, Orwellian motives


(Cue the crickets)

HT: RedState

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Unknown said...

I'm not sure how support for renewing "part" of the PATRIOT Act constitutes a "full reverse." But be that as it may, he also had this to say on the subject of business and library records: " this should not be something that's simply done by the executive branch without the involvement of judges."