Saturday, January 24, 2009

WisTax "Partisan"?


OWN reported WisTax board members have donated $288,000 to conservative-leaning candidates compared to $24,500 to liberals and questioned if the group should be considered non-partisan.

WisTax President Todd Berry took issue with the report, saying it was misleading because it went back 19 years and included donations from some who were no longer on the group’s board; Berry said half of the current board members donated to Dem Gov. Jim Doyle in the last election.

One Wisconsin Now is run by someone named Scot Ross. He should know from "partisan;" here's his condensed resume:

Ross has held a series of positions in Wisconsin Democratic politics over the past decade, working for the old state Senate caucus, working on Kathleen Falk’s 2002 gubernatorial campaign, serving as Peg Lautenschlager’s spokesman at the state Department of Justice and even making an unsuccessful primary bid for secretary of state against longtime incumbent Doug La Follette in 2006.

Unmentioned are Ross' legal problems while 'working for the old state Senate caucus' (does the name Chvala ring a bell?), but let that pass.

The work that I have read from WisTax is not "partisan." It is analytical, and provides the truth about issues surrounding the tax climate in Wisconsin.

It is no surprise that Ross and OWN consider the truth to be "partisan." To committed Leftists, there is no truth except that which furthers their own interests.

And just for the record, we'll list the Board Members of OWN:

Bob Burke, Jim Rowen, Kerry Schumann, Michelle McGrorty, Stephanie Bloomingdale, David Tork, Kim Warkentin, Sheila Cochran and Scot Ross.

Check those names here, and see what you get.


Robert Doeckel said...

Yeah but the whole point is One Wisconsin Now doesn't claim to be "non-partisan." They're progressive and don't hide it. OWN is always mentioned in the news as "left-leaning" or progressive--and that's fine.

The trouble is when a group like WisTax claims to be non-partisan and clearly isn't. But I supposed I shouldn't be surprised that you missed the point all together.

Dad29 said...

"Clearly isn't"?

No, Downey, YOU missed the point.

Read my post: WiTax simply presents the truth about Wisconsin taxes. (Hint: they are high, and getting higher.)

That is NOT partisan, although, clearly, you don't know spin from shinola...

Robert Doeckel said...

well you're an idiot.

if you actually read, you'll notice that "clearly isn't" is properly used in my previous comment.

and time and time again, truly non-partisan studies have been done that shoot hole after hole in WisTAX baying about high taxes. they're nothing but right-wing tools.

btw, how'd that draft thompson thing work out?