Friday, January 23, 2009

Pretty Good Record of Gillibrand (D-NY)

The representative-who-will-be-Senator has impressed the Sunlight bunch.

Entering Congress in 2007, Gillibrand was at the vanguard of transparency innovation in Congress. She was the first congressional candidate to sign Sunlight’s Punch Clock pledge, a promise to post her daily schedule once she had taken office, and to post her schedule (which has been archived at Congresspedia). She was also one of the first to post her earmarks, earmark requests, and personal financial disclosures to her official web site without a requirement to do so. Gillibrand was also a chief proponent of requiring Inspector General reports to be posted online. We truly hope that she carries this spirit of transparency with her to the Senate.

Sunlight complains that her recent schedule-entries have been sparse; they don't include all meetings with all parties--but it's a good start, anyway!

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