Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama Mania at Church? Puh-LEEEZE...

HT to Kevin and to Freedom Eden.

Apparently ObamaMania has found its place in Catholic parish bulletins and in hyperbolic (if not fevered) minds:

In the same America that for centuries had systematically held African-Americans in slavery or under the yolk [sic] of Jim Crow laws, has now voted to seat an African-American as president. The blood of the martyrs has watered the land to produce this miracle.


Sorry. It's a historic event, yes, but compared with reviving the dead, healing the sick, or feeding the 5,000...I don't think so.

I suppose "Fr. Carl" is engaging in hyperbole, to be kind.


Unknown said...

The difference between this and actual miracles is that this is real and miracles aren't.

Amy said...

No...the difference is miracles are miracles and Obama knew how to play the system to win.