Monday, January 26, 2009

Mitch McConnell Tries "Bob Dole"

McConnell, who is the US Senate minority leader, has a few deficiencies.

...Lately, the GOP has been intent on starting from outside the base and working its way in.

Mitch McConnell is indicative of this problem and seems intent on spreading his party killing cancer. He needs to turn back from the path down which he intends to lead the Republican Party.

Erikson then quotes Roll Call:

Although McConnell’s speech could prove unpopular with the activists who generally attend the winter meeting, it could also provide a rallying cry for old-line Republicans to reassert their authority within the party, one GOP source familiar with the meeting said

"Old-line" is a euphemism for Country Club Pubbies. The actual, live fat-cat crowd which, secure in their seats (and benefits, perks, and pensions) ekes out niche-tax-breaks for certain very-special-inDEED clientele. Otherwise, they kinda don't really give a damn, just like in the movie.

Does McConnell deserve the scorn? Erikson thinks so. Here's a partial list:

Mitch McConnell...has consistently sided with porkers over reformers, and never has enacted what he promised to do - reform/transparency re: earmarks and the appropriations process ...failed to make sure Chambliss, and his gang of idiots, didn’t screw up the energy negotiations. Our “signature issue” was left dangling over August heading into the political season with a bunch of pissed off people...allowed moderates like Coleman, Smith and Collins to dictate the overall Republican Conference message, like leaving ANWR out of our energy bill(s). Nice record on those guys in the election, huh?

Plenty more at the link.

For want of a leader, the Party is lost, folks.

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